We had a brilliant time this week, meeting some of the stars of the 1959 Whitbourne Village School production of ‘The Man in the Moone’, adapted from Bishop Godwin’s book of the same name. The production went through to the final of an inter-school competition and the children went to London to perform it at Olympia (unfortunately, the Queen was delayed that day so she didn’t get to see it)! This was a really amazing opportunity for everyone, especially as there was only one school trip each year back then.

We’re having another meet-up (with tea, coffee & cake, of course) on Friday 3rd May. If you know someone who was involved in the play, ask them to get in touch with us, as we’d love them to come along.

Our amazing writer Liz Kershaw is creating a new play that we’re planning to perform this summer, ‘Our Man in the Moone’. It will feature aerial dance, music and all sorts of very cool things!


Here’s a picture of ‘The Man in the Moone’ 1959 cast members Ron, Ivor, Mike and Tony, along with Rachel from EVERYBODY DANCE and writer Liz.

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