Did you attend Whitbourne Village school in 1959 and do you remember the highly praised school play of that year?
Based on the locally written story ‘The Man in the Moone’ it won the county competition and the opportunity to perform in London.
We would like to hear about the play and the events surrounding it.

You are invited to a reminiscence Coffee and Cake event at Whitbourne Village Hall on Friday 22nd February at 11am to 12.30pm.

Please bring any photographs or information you might have on your time at school, the play or the trip to London:  Ann Hargreaves (née Challen) kindly sent us this –

My memories as a child was of being one of the ‘swans’ (or were we geese) who flew to the moon. The endless rehearsals with a rather flamboyant lady, whose name escapes me. I remember her smoking du Maurer cigarettes in front of the children (maybe the norm in those days!) which stuck in my memory. I think she may have used a cigarette holder too!

I have vague memories of staying in the YMCA in London. Also of being in a crowd in Olympia and feeling very small in the crush. Strange the things which stick in ones mind after all these years!



Join us for the 2019 version!



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