Our Man After Lockdown

Up to March 2020 we had worked and spoken with many people in Leominster and Bromyard and had a diary full of exciting events for Our Man in the Moone. The days disappeared under lockdown and we’re delighted to announce that our plans have been refreshed and revived. In the spring 2021 the project will re-emerge with aerial dance, storytelling, history talks, performances with local groups, organisations, schools and individuals in a celebration of community and a retelling of this adventurous tale from the 17th century.
We are skilled at improvisation and we are sure that plans will need to adapt to comply with whatever guidelines are relevant in the moment. This will probably mean working with much smaller groups and we are asking participants to adapt with us. One thing we are certain of – together we can learn lots of new skills, have masses of creative fun and discover new friends and connections.

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